Petra Smejkalova

Petra Smejkalova Petra Smejkalova, I had sculptra 3 years ago and I have to say I am very happy with the result.I have done it in Southampton in clinic.I have had 2 vials ,which was too much for me ,I found out this later when the filler started working. The result was amazing .

Jana Kováčová

Jana Kováčová Jana Kováčová, I have been having facial treatments with a range of hyaluronic acid and collagen based dermal fillers for 5 years now. I tried the new filler Teosyal, back in January after hearing about it from my friend, who had also tried the new filler. The treatment was superb! Little redness and swelling […]

Brigida Fanucci

Brigida Fanucci Brigida Fanucci, I had Restylane in my naso-labial lines a week ago, and am very happy with the results. No noticeable redness or swelling, minimal discomfort. I look a lot better but it”s not obvious why! I went to a practitioner who was recommended by a friend who”d had fillers and looks great, […]